ysoa 2010


Scope: New Construction

Contractor: Yale School of Architecture, Masters Class of 2012



Charles W. Moore founded the First-Year Graduate Building Project at the Yale School of Architecture. As a believer in simple tectonics and basic technologies, Moore hoped students would be inspired by the mechanics of building. In the midst of 1960s unrest, he saw the project as a way for students to commit to positive social action by building for the less fortunate.

Each year, YSOA First-Year Graduate students form teams and enter the design competition. Once selected by a jury of faculty and practicing architects, the students build the winning design. Oz and 13 others spent the summer framing, installing windows, tiling, and welding. The end result was the first 3-story and flat-roofed YSOA house, nestled in its site, and the new home of a female Army veteran, with a rentable apartment above her own living quarters.